Pro Victoria #7 – What is the value of an unarmed man?

Bottom line up front: Carrying a weapon you know how to use changes the way you see yourself and those around you. If you are armed you can defend and protect yourself and others.

A brilliant blue car.

As I was parking my car this morning at dawn a small sports sedan pulled up next to me. In it was a Sikh gentleman of late middle age. The color of the car he was driving was brilliant cobalt blue.

It was spotlessly clean.

It was beautiful to look at on this bitter cold morning.

It was surrounded by cars and trucks covered in road salt and dirt.

The turbaned, bearded driver emerged and stood.

“That is a beautiful car,” I said.

“It’s my son’s,” the driver said in elegantly accented English, laughing.

“Well, sir,” I replied, “he should be proud of it. And, by the way, I have always admired your religion.”

The bearded gentleman said a sincere thank you, laughed again and we both went our separate ways to the waiting train.

I have always admired Sikhs.

I have always admired the Sikhs. Every Sikh man I have met has been cheerful, confident, industrious, and dignified. In Hong Kong in the bad old days the best hotels always had Sikh doormen. They were invariably tall, looked sharp, didn’t smoke and were not afraid of anyone. Many of them had served in the British army and found themselves in Hong Kong at the end of their service. Because soldiers in the Sikh regiments didn’t smoke the British had traditionally assigned them as guards at Ammunition Dumps.

Seems logical.

Another reason I admire Sikhs is that it is a tenet of their religion that they always be armed. Although largely symbolic, now, they carry a small knife in the turban they wear. As I write this I wonder if the fact that they are armed contributes in any way to their cheery, confident, industrious dignity.

Armed at a playground.

I was with my children at a playground in Virginia not too long ago. Another father was there with his children. As he leaned over to help his young daughter on a swing I saw under his shirt a .45 caliber pistol. In it was a magazine. I assume that in the magazine there were many .45 caliber rounds tightly, neatly packed, ready and waiting. This father, too, was cheerful and confident.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Not afraid of me.

Not afraid of the state or local government.

Not afraid to exercise his own right to self-defense.

He could have protected himself, his daughter and, because I was not armed with a firearm, he could have helped to defend me, my wife and our children. He could have helped to defend all the children at that playground if some other man armed with a gun and meaning to do harm had shown up on the scene.

How we see ourselves is how we see the world.

I found the presence of an armed father at a playground very reassuring. I remember thinking of friends who would find the idea of a man carrying a loaded weapon at a playground very alarming.

I guess it all depends on how you see yourself and those around you.

A confident, armed man playing with his children but prepared and willing to do violence to protect himself and those around him is more valuable than an unarmed man.

He was more valuable than I was at that time and place.

What about the man who is a pacifist, a man who practices non-violence? His is an unrealistic and parasitic philosophy. I recently heard an excellent saying, “Violence is rarely the solution, but when it is, it is the only solution.”

Sooner or later all pacifists—those who practice non-violence– get wiped out unless they are defended by other men, invariably if not always better than they.

Call to action:

Consider arming yourself and note how it changes the way you feel. Do this even for one day, and ensure you do so legally. It can be as simple as carrying a kitchen or sheathe knife in your briefcase, a folding lock-blade in your pocket, or a heavy stick while you run on a morning workout. To get a little more serious, educate yourself first.

Consult your state’s firearm laws here.

Consider purchasing a handgun and applying for a concealed carry permit.

If you like, subscribe to the concealed carry email and start educating yourself today.

I assure you– if you are armed you will feel differently about yourself and all those around you.

By the way, for more on Sikhism, please see this short article from Wikipedia.

Stay strong and well

Post Source Here: Pro Victoria #7 – What is the value of an unarmed man?


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