Pro Victoria #9 – How is a job you hate like a video game?

How is a job you hate like a video game?

Tools, weapons, resources are there but you won’t see them til you’re ready.

Bottom Line Up Front: There are resources all around you in the current job you hate. If you stop complaining and seek to improve you will see resources around you and capabilities in yourself you did not know you have.

When I wrote this I was thinking of men who don’t like their jobs. As I finished it I realized it really does apply to all men: We see things we need when we’re ready to use them.

We won’t see the weapons until we know how to use them.

They will be invisible until you earn the right to wield them.

And have the courage to pick them up.

It’s how the game is played.

Do you hate your job?

When you work at a job you hate you do so for reasons of your own.

Maybe you need the short term solution.

Maybe you need the insurance.

Maybe you need the structure.

Maybe you’re doing it because those you love and lead need these things from you and you are doing it because you love them and it’s what men do.

We sacrifice for others. We do it and we don’t talk about it and we don’t ask that others care or notice.

I am violating that principle as I write but I think you who are reading this and I both know why I am writing about it.

Because good men strengthen each other in these crazy times.

Do the job you hate to get yourself where you need to be.

Do it and get good at it because it’s good for us as men to do difficult things.

Don’t be a masochist and don’t be a martyr but recognize that sometimes it is the most important and best thing we can do.

So what about those weapons?

It’s like this. We go into a grind of a job each day and we put on our best face.

We decide to lay low as we buckle under.

If we’re smart we are planning our next move, our next step toward independence and we know that key to getting where we need to go is mastering graceful transitions.

Close out your jobs gracefully so your reputation grows as you proceed.

Well, try to. It’s tough these days.

As we plan and prepare and we strengthen and train we get better. Most of the people around us—roughly 95% we are told by common sense—don’t plan, don’t train, don’t set goals and are not aware of the environment in which they work.

But we are getting better in their midst.

Stronger. Better skills. Better situational awareness.

Then you see the weapons. Like in a video game.

Then one day we will see an opening. We will see in ourselves a capability.

A confidence.

A decisiveness.

It was not there yesterday.

We hear a conversation and we realize we can contribute an informed opinion.

We address the boss’s boss by his first name and he answers us respectfully.

We engender resentment because we are confident and happy and moving forward.

Skill. Confidence. Humor. Decisiveness.

These weapons against their opposites—clumsiness, timidity, stuffiness, indecision— render the small victories that move us forward.

Small victories.

A carefully worded email to a group of people who occupy positions senior to our own. In that email we see words flowing out that are directive, polite, confident and well-informed.

Our words.

Our actions.

Our decisions.

And those we ask politely to assist us… assist us. And we feel ourselves moving forward in new circles.

We feel ourselves rising in circles and being included in conversations.

We didn’t’ see these capabilities before.

We didn’t know they were there.

But they are there. We have to earn the confidence and skill to use them.

We do this by grinding it out and planning and never complaining.

We do this by strengthening ourselves and serving others.

We do this by being the men we want to be, choose to be and are meant to be.

Call to action: Write out for yourself your own personal code of conduct. Include in it a commitment to improve yourself in some small way every day. Include in it the commitment to do one thing that frightens you but causes you to grow each week.

Stay strong and well

Post Source Here: Pro Victoria #9 – How is a job you hate like a video game?


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