Authentic Stronghold

Authentic Masculinity is proud to announce a new member to our team: Mr. Travis Nelson, US Marine Corps.

Gentlemen, join us in welcoming to our team Mr. Travis Nelson, who will be writing for us on Personal Protection and Full Spectrum Peace of Mind In An Unpredictable World.

Personal Protection is A Responsibility.

I first met Travis when I was working at a Defense Contracting company in 2003. He and I would compare notes on the world as it was then and how men could more effectively protect those they are responsible for. Although I had always been impressed by Travis’s commitment to physical, mental and emotional strength, resilience, endurance and personal protection training, I was unprepared for the commitment he demonstrated to protecting those he was responsible for. On one memorable afternoon I overheard him talking to a young lady on the phone. Travis said, “No, you call 911 second. You call me first.”

That level of competent confidence and commitment is impressive. In a lesser man it would be false bravado but in Travis is was sage advice and wisdom.

Travis knew he could help quickly and confidently until First Responders arrived on the scene.

The training Travis received in the Marine Corps and subsequently while working with the best of the United States Government’s most discrete and heroic men has helped him to refine and bring to a fine edge all his better instincts and inclinations.

Travis Nelson has deployed his skills in some of the most turbulent and dangerous places in the world. He is a courageous, disciplined and humble American who brings to others his message: Each man has a responsibility to protect those he loves and must do so in a way that is respectful of those around him and respectful of police officers and other public servants.

A man who is prepared, informed, confident and competent is an asset in any situation.

I think you will agree that each of us should begin today to think along those lines.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 1st, Travis will offer his “Letters to Brendan” series. In these letters Travis is offering advice to a fictional young man, Brendan, who plans to marry in 5 years. This fictional young man has asked Travis, “What sort of preparations should I make now to protect my wife and children when I assume responsibility for their safety in five years?”

Here are some of the topics Travis has prepared: Training, Strength, Situational Awareness (SA), SA and Body Language, SA and vehicles, Vehicles-Weapons-Parking, Carjackings, Combative Concepts.

Get ready to hear from an exceptionally well informed and experienced man how to train, observe, act and protect others in an increasingly dangerous and unjust world. Learn how to discern a threat from a non-threat and how to make the right decision when all you have is riding on your own good judgment.

Post Source Here: Authentic Stronghold


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