Do you Feel Betrayed by the System? Go Outside the Station

Bottom Line Up Front: When you are exhausted, maybe older than your opponent, maybe not suited for the job you are doing because you have lost your advantages or edge, go outside the system. Take on an intimidating hostile environment to strengthen yourself. Learn new skills. But. Be. Smart. About it. You will triumph and it will be scary and exciting. Get started. Read on.

Spoiler Alert and Note: It’s better when you know the ending. If you’re a men who says, “Don’t tell me, it’ll spoil the ending…” look at it from a different point of view. We know how Macbeth ends, we know how Julius Caesar ends. We know how The Dirty Dozen ends. We watch again and again even knowing how great stories end because it’s fascinating to see the story come together. What people say and do is more significant when you know the ending. If I spoil the end of the movie “Outland” for you (Sean Connery beats the bad guys, wins and gets the girl back), you’ve been warned.

“Outland”: A Gritty Sci-Fi Re-Make of “High Noon”

In Outland– Sean Connery’s peerless sci-fi remake of High Noon— Sean Connery plays William O’Niel, a Space Marshall hired by the mining company to keep order.

Shortly after his arrival at the colony, he realizes he has been chosen by the corporate bosses because they think he is susceptible to bribery. They think he will cave to the corrupt leadership. They run the operation and are using powerful narcotics to boost production.

We see O’Niel in the climactic combat scene, fighting his enemies and discovering he has been betrayed by a close and trusted friend. He has fought outgunned and outnumbered, has been cut off from support, is fighting single handedly on behalf of people he has lost respect for because they won’t support him in the effort when they stand to gain the most by his fighting.

O’Niel’s wife is weary from being married to an idealistic man who clashes with authority figures everywhere he goes. She has asked him to reevaluate his own decisions which appear selfish to her and have been destroying their marriage and harming their only son. She has taken their son and left the mining colony. She is ready to head back to Earth.

O’Niel knows he must confront the corrupt power structure he has discovered.

Fighting Alone Against Overwhelming Odds

He is a man fighting alone in the face of overwhelming odds to assert his own dignity and be true to his ideals.

There comes a point in his defining fight for his own survival in which he has to do something truly courageous.

What does he do? He goes outside the station.

O’Niel is fighting for his life. He is exhausted and has overcome many obstacles. He’s fighting men he must kill. He is betrayed by his own deputy, whom he must kill because O’Niel is that close to triumphing.

Just when you think he cannot win, O’Niel decides to do something crazy. He puts on an atmosphere suit, leaves the pressure controlled environment of the colony, climbs onto the external superstructure and begins to attack his enemy from outside the space station.

Outside the Station

He goes outside the structure into a hostile environment to gain an edge against his adversary, out-thinking his enemy and putting himself in a position to kill him and thereby win the struggle.

This is a way to look at the economy now if you have been outgunned, out-witted, outmaneuvered by your own opponents or enemies.

If you have been fired or laid off.

If you are over 30. Over 40. Over 50. Over 60. Over 70. And have to learn new skills.

If you have been betrayed by a broken system you have served faithfully to the best of your ability.

Even if, as most of us have done at one time or another, you realize you yourself have been a proud, arrogant, disruptive and misguided idealist who has been so hard headed that you have brought your troubles on yourself. That’s what I was. Too stubborn to see that in my idealism I was the problem because I refused to compromise with men I saw as lesser than myself.

Go outside the system.

Be smart. Plan. Think.

Go out into the global economy and look into the safety of a structured but broken system that protects people who benefit from it by staying on the safe side.

Go outside the structure. You will get a different perspective.

Turn time to your advantage by seeking other levers—a different perspective, a different weapon or tool, or even just (just?) the boldness of going on the attack from a direction nobody else would have dreamed of using.

Oh, but keep that pressure suit on.

Call to action: Evaluate your life. Use the resources on our website. Today. Ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself: Are you where you want to be financially and if not do you have a plan to get yourself and those you love and lead to higher ground that will give you greater freedom of choice and more options?

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