Podcast Episode 22: Know Your People And Look Out For Their Welfare

Have you ever wondered what the Army teaches its young leaders? Listen in as Jonathan interviews Shannon McGurk, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired). Shannon shares the lessons he learned from his 20 year career as a Ground Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army.

In Principle 5, Know your people and look out for their welfare, listen in and learn why it’s not enough to know the names and birthdays of your people. It’s important to understand what motivates them and what is important to them. Commit the time and effort to listen to and learn about them. Showing your genuine concern for the people you manage and lead builds trust and respect for you as a leader. Merely telling your people you care about them has no meaning unless they see you demonstrating it through concrete actions. They assume that if you fail to care for them daily, you will fail them when the going gets tough. Can you demonstrate sincere concern for others? Learn here the important link between caring and leading.

Post Source Here: Podcast Episode 22: Know Your People And Look Out For Their Welfare


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